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Submitter Section(s)   Submitter Section(s)
Brett Patrick Mage: The Ascension   Luke Watmough Warhammer 40k
briarious Dungeons & Dragons   Matt Kasper Warhammer 40k
Dave Brown Star Wars   Castle Inspector Dungeons & Dragons
Colin Chapman Dungeons & Dragons   Michael Wachter
(Current EMail unknown)
Warhammer Fantasy
Craig J. Parent Warhammer 40k   Owen Edwards Warhammer 40k
Grant Yerkovich Warhammer 40k   Psionic Warhammer 40k
Jacob Stow Warhammer 40k   Richard Kellogg Star Wars
Jade Lyon Dungeons & Dragons   Richard Spake Battletech
Dungeons & Dragons
Star Trek
Star Wars
Jason Culp Star Wars   Steen Barkholt Warhammer 40k
Jeff Crisp Babylon 5 Wars
Warhammer 40k
  Ted Garland Dungeons & Dragons
Jens Ole Pedersen Warhammer 40k   The Fanatic Warhammer 40k
Joey Martin Dungeons & Dragons
Warhammer 40k
  Xylanic Dungeons & Dragons
Joel Wilson Warhammer 40k   Wai-Ming Lee Warhammer 40k
Joonas Hirvonen Dungeons & Dragons      


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