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This page contains summaries of the adventures I have run in the Shadowrun campaign currently in progress.

In the first adventure (spanning three game sessions), the characters were hired to rescue a very wealthy man's daughter. She was kidnapped under very suspicious circumstances, and this became even more remarkable since her father was a very respectable mage in Seattle.

The characters take off in a van loaned to them by the father, and head off to find the girl, clues leading to a small town about 100 miles outside of Seattle. Spooked by a ghostly figure on the road, the driver crashes the van. The van no longer operable, the group continues on foot through the growing fog.

Arriving in town, they find the place deserted except for strange flying creatures and vicious dog creatures, both very hostile, but nothing for this bunch to handle.

Following clues throughout the town, the group is subjected to several reality-changes as the town flip-flops from "normal" reality to a hellish reality full of blood, gore and demons.

Finally finding the girl, they discover she was kidnapped to be part of a ritual to bring a great demon into the world, using her body as a gateway. The ritual just being completed, the party is witness to the birth of the demon. The ritual was interrupted by a doctor from the town who causes the demon to come into the world in its own form rather than through the girl, saving her. In a great struggle, the party manages to destroy the demon and bring the girl back to her father.

I shamelessly stole the general story-line and all of the setting/creatures for this adventure from the Playstation game Silent Hill.

In the second adventure, the group is contacted by their fixer. She has received an anonymous job offer. A woman has again been taken, but by more mundane enemies this time.

Following the clues, the groups finds that a new street gang was involved in the kidnapping. The party proceeds to the gang's hideout and assaults the place. After a long, bitter firefight outside the building, the group manages to get inside and begins a deadly room-to-room search involving several hand-to-hand combats with the gangers.

Finally overcoming the last of the gangers, the woman is found and released. Information delivered to her by the party indicates her father hired the characters to rescue her, for her captivity was forcing him to do terrible work for an unnamed person.

The girl begged the characters to rescue her father as well, but the warehouse they were directed to was empty, save for some broken tables and glass. A piece of paper was found, torn and burned, only one letter, "A" and part of another letter could be read. With no further clues, what could they do next?

In the next adventure, the group is again contacted by their fixer arranging a meet. A man meets the group, and despite having no evidence of such, the group believes he is a government agent of some sort.

A new drug is about to hit the streets, and it is worse than any existing drug. It threatens to cause more harm than any known drug or disease in the world. The man hires the group to hit a research facility that is making the drug, and destroy all existing samples, and all research material on the drug. Also, they are required to kill the creator of the drug.

Another research facility is researching an antidote to the drug, and it is expected that a another group of runners has been hired to hit it. It also must be protected.

The group pre-empted the attack by finding out who the other runner group was and ambushing them, taking them completely out of the picture.

With a bit of a chaotic start, the hit on the lab was successful, and the samples and research was destroyed.

The creator of the drug was found, and quickly killed, but not before the back-door element (a newbie runner just joined the group) set off a countdown, having sprayed the kitchen with wild automatic fire and hit the arming switch.. The others managed to get out when the woman gave her dying breath to gloat "10 seconds, guys", but the back-door man, oblivious to the warning (though unintended as such) was blown to bits with the house.

Between runs, the groups is attacked, each runner individually, by assailants saying the runners have interfered in plans that do not concern them. The group fights off the attackers, and wonder exactly who's plans it was they interfered with...

The group is once again called, though this time not through their fixer. They receive an ingraved invitation to a meet at the Styx, a very prestigious club. They arrive and spend a little time mingling while their hosts gauge their reactions and abilities.

Finally, they are ushered into a back room to find they are meeting with Vampires. These particular Vampires wish the group to remove a threat - a somewhat unstable mage assassin who has delusion of Vampirism and was rejected by the Vampire coven. He is now killing off the Vampires one-by-one.

Through several encounters, some legwork, and a few traps, the group tracks the mage down, determining his next target is the leader of the Vampire coven himself. The group manages to sleaze their way into the AAA-rated security building and in the nick of time fight a fierce battle with the mage and his two elementals to save the (un)life of the Vampire leader.

Again, between runs...

A seemingly unimportant event, a simple mosquito bite, causes trouble for the group. The bitten character, feeling a bit ill, but thinking nothing of it, meets another member of the group in a restaurant for lunch.

Before the meal is done, the healthy one notices the sweat covering his companion's forehead and asks if he's ok. Before another word can be spoken, the infected character attacks. Being the hand-to-hand expert he is, he very severely damages the other character before the gunslinger can bring his pistols to bear. He finally does, and is forced to kill his companion of several runs.

The corpse is taken to a street doc and examined. It is determined that if he was not killed by the guns, he would have died shortly, anyway, from what appears to the doc to be some sort of virus/disease unlike anything he has ever seen before.

The group's fixer contacts them once again, this time with a job that promoses to pay well... 25,000 each runner. Eager for such a haul, the group accepts the job. A simple snatch-job, they are to infiltrate a lab that has unknowingly managed to make an awakened form of bacteria.

The group gathers the necessary information about their target and plans a very successful raid on the lab. Unfortunately, the goods are missing, and just as they are about to continue their search, the alarm sounds. A team of 3 guards and a jacked-up guard dog attack the group. As they are fighting, they see the other Shadowrunner team, responsible for setting off the alarm, run by, pursued by 2 more guard teams. Those teams also attack the group.

Fighting their way back out through several teams of guards, they finally are able to take down the other team and retrieve the goods from them. Barely escaping the facility and the masses of guards, they turn over the merchandise to the Johnson, who hands over a credstick.

The group returns to a hide-away and tries to split the cash. The credstick proves to be infected by a virus of some sort, and rather than properly accessing the account, it begins to drain the funds. The group's decker quickly slots the stick in her deck and closes down the virus before all of the cash disappears. The group's 25,000 each end up at only 7500 each. They have been had.

A message attached to the virus says, "You have caused us so much trouble, we thought it was time for you to pay us back. This little job will help us greatly, and will settle a miniscule portion of your account with us. You would be well warned to keep out of our business in the future."

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