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- Record Sheets
Record Sheets (Character Sheet, DM's Sheet and Spell Sheets for D&D 3rd Edition) by Joonas Hirvonen
Character Record Sheet (for D&D 3rd Edition - .Doc file) by Ted Garland

- Equipment
New Weapons by Colin Chapman
Oriental Equipment by Ted Garland
Piecemeal Armor by Colin Chapman
Small Arms - Standard Weapons made for Small PC's by Colin Chapman
Specialized Arrows by Colin Chapman
Thief Equipment by Ted Garland
Wilderness Equipment by Ted Garland

- Arcane Spells
Arcane Spells by Ted Garland

- Prestige Classes
The Blood Knight of Erythnul by Castle Inspector
The Diplomat by Jade Lyon
The Halfling Guardian
by Castle Inspector
The Hammer of the Dwarves by Castle Inspector
The Knife Fighter by Colin Chapman
The Mountaineer
by Castle Inspector
The Orcslayer by Colin Chapman
The Peacekeeper by Castle Inspector
The Shipmage by Castle Inspector
The Swanmay by Colin Chapman
The Timelord by Castle Inspector
The Tunnelrat by Colin Chapman

- Monsters
The Half-Ogre by Colin Chapman
The Lythari by Colin Chapman
Ogrillion and Orog (Half Ogre, Orc Breed) by Colin Chapman
The Spriggan Gnome by Colin Chapman
Monster Gods by Colin Chapman

- Scenery
Card/Paper buildings and scenery to download by Fitz

Add Magnificence to Your Melee - Making Combat Memorable by Colin Chapman
Add Splendor to Your Spells - Making Magic Memorable by Colin Chapman
Give Your PC Some Personality - Making Your Character Memorable by Colin Chapman

A Cold Night in Starport by briarious
Shadows in the Snow by briarious

Tharivol Siannodel - Elf Sorcerer/Diviner played by Doug Wolfe in the The Chronicles of Kalidan
Graff & Gruff
- Half-Orc brothers played by Joey Martin and Doug Wolfe in the Living Greyhawk Campaign by RPGA.

Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
FAQ/Walkthrough by Xylanic (Hosted on GameFAQs)


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